Travel, tourism & recreation

N-Equals’ has supported a wide range of different projects in the travel, tourism and recreation sector including telephone interviews, in-depth interviews and forcus groups.

Transport & logistics

N-Equals’ market research experience in the transport and logistics sector includes in-depth interviews with bulk shippers, trucking companies and freight forwarders, interviews with delivery drivers


N-Equals have successfully completed a large number of projects for technology companies covering a diverse range of topics including smart homes and smart devices, virtual


We has successfully completed many projects for both online retailers of products ranging from cars to insurance. Projects with bricks-and-mortar retailers include face-to-face interviews with

Real estate (Property)

N-Equal’s experience in the real estate industry include projects in the Vietnam for operators of co-working spaces, interviews with flat and house renters, interviews with

Healthcare & OTC pharma

Healthcare market research is one of N-Equals’ focus areas and we have a strong track record of recruiting patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare managers


N-Equals has conducted a number of market research projects in FMCG sector across categories. That include food, beer, beverage, snack, personal care, home care, grooming,

Financial services

We have carried out many researches in this sector include, on behalf of group of banks (Greenwich), recruiting accounting managers, finance manager, treasure manager, director

Fashion & style

Globally, the apparel industry is worth approximately USD1.5 trillion annually, while the global jewellery and cosmetics markets each worth around another USD500 billion annually. The

Energy & utilities

N-Equals has supported a number of projects relating to energy conservation and renewables including rapid recruitment for an online bulletin board about renewable energy, interviews