Market Research with B2B profiles

Successful business-to-business (B2B) market research involves identifying and accessing the most relevant participants, from specialist contractors to CTOs, even with no prior relationship. N-Equals is able to recruit the right B2B respondents for most studies using a combination of our own panel, specialist databases, social networking, and recruiters with experience in particular vertical markets.

We are happy to recruit B2B respondents for our clients to interview, but if you would like us to conduct interviews or focus groups on your behalf, we also partner with trained, knowledgeable and personable interviewers and moderators. Our ability to interpret the research within the unique business context of each case helps us deliver truly valuable insights.

The B2B research audiences that we can target include:

  • Decision makers / buyers
  • Senior management and business owners
  • Middle / junior management
  • Line managers
  • Employees
  • SMB/SME owners
  • Finance professionals
  • IT specialists
  • Distributors
  • Trades and blue collar
  • Members and delegates
  • Retailers