Central Location Tests (CLT)

By conducting CLT (central location test), participants can register feedback when they have tasted or touched the actual products at a specified venue. It allows for the evaluation of product appeal that would be difficult to measure via an online research screen.

CLTs are ideal when it is difficult for participants to give feedback on products in isolation, it enables them to compare and contrast with other products and evaluate them. This method allows the client to obtain unbiased and accurate feedback in a controlled, confidential environment with no leakage of product details prior to launch.

The test is conducted in a controlled environment, so products being surveyed or compared are all tested under uniform conditions to eliminate bias. This makes CLTs ideal for tasting and sampling surveys, where the taste and condition of food can vary greatly depending on temperature and serving methods.

Our dedicated staff will actively support you with conducting CLTs, including food/drink tasting, concept and performance testing, usability testing, ads evaluation, etc.


Types of Central Location Testing (CLT) Methods

  • Paired Comparison Test
  • Monadic Test
  • Sequential-Monadic Test
  • Proto-Monadic Test
  • Repeat Paired Comparison Test



Depending on the tested product, we use various recruitment methods to select the most suitable targets. We recruit survey respondents to match your criteria. All respondents are recruited to the required quotas and are sent written confirmations as well as a reminder phone call prior to their session to ensure they attend and are on time. We recruit standby respondents so the research targets are met and time in location is not wasted.